Fine Arts – Adding Beauty to a Creativity

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Just like God has given a logical brain to every individual he created, he has given a creative brain to each as well. It is when this creative part of the brain is to put to work that you get ‘art’. Art is something that brings out your innovativeness, your essence, it is a way of expressing who you really are. ‘Fine arts’ is a refinement of this art.

Coming from the French word ‘beaux arts’ , this includes,sculpting, photography, opera, poetry, acting, drawing and music. Any form of activity that arouses your creativity and presents the everyday things to others in a completely different light could be referred to as fine arts. Mark Borghi is the founder of a fine art Gallery that specializes in Post- War American art. His galleries are present in places like Florida, Palm Beach, New York, and Bridgehampton.

Famous artists Andy Warhol, Jackson PollockRichard Prince and many others belonging to the present times has been featured here and appreciated by the visitors. The first location of his galleries was in the year 1998, in New York City. The programs at his galleries exhibit all genres of paintings, they display Contemporary art, Abstract and Pop Art. In one of the exhibitions at the Bridgehampton gallery there was the display of wall sculptures by Gregory Johnston.

When it comes to painting, fine arts is probably best understood. You must have seen a painting of a family either standing or sitting with a casual background, does that make you think anything? It surely can be the masterpiece created by an individual but it definitely doesn’t create any magic in the mind of the viewer. Though it may be very life-like yet it is rather straight forward and hence cannot be considered an example of fine art.

The unusualness, uniqueness and meaningful portrayal of a slice of life on canvas is considered fineart. For instance, Vincent Van Gogh paints the everyday things but in a way that will make you take a look at it more than once. Thought he objects are painted very differently yet they are rather recognizable. It is when the feelings of the painter is smoothly emitted ot the viewer as soon as you see the painting that you can consider your piece of art to be a part of fine arts.

Though every individual is talented yet it is true that everyone cannot be the creator of fine arts. Only those who can appreciate the beauty of creativity such as Mark Borghi the owner of so many fine arts gallery can really comprehend what fine arts painting is all about. There are many methods that are used to raise a mere painting to the level of fine arts, they are Relief, Intalgio, Planographic and Screen printing.

Though historically the main fine arts were painting , sculpting, architecture, music and poetry, yet today there has been an alteration in the meaning of the category and includes creative things likefilm production, sequential art, conceptual art, printmaking and others.



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