Leaders Persistently Need to Be Prophetic, As Prophets Give Guidance

Leaders Persistently Need to Be Prophetic, As Prophets Give Guidance

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Do you completely realize the worth and value of a prophetic leader? A prophet is a significant and important figure. A prophet is asignificant person, and important in the eyes of Jesus. He is a man sent from God with a message- with a word. The word is for individuals to encourage them, help them, build them, and strengthen them up. The prophet emanates and announces what God wants people to know and hear. He may essentially say nothing but just by his being there, a word is spoken and communicated, a message is imparted and conveyed by a silent look or frown or smile.

When God is doing something fresh and new, He usually sends a prophet into the world’s scene. Before Jesus Christ came propagandizing, God sent John the Baptist. A prophet is a holy man who has received a word from God, and message word is burning away in his bones and hence irrespective of the personal cost, he passes on what he has heard from God. Every week in The Synagogue Church of All Nations, God uses Prophet TB Joshua to oracle into the lives of the people, illuminating the root cause of their glitches and ushering them into their future in God.

This is what the world needs today, a bold, louder prophetic voice in the world – where there is so much noise that it is becoming more and more challenging to hear the Message of God and recognizing the Voice of God is becoming more and more problematic.The prophet is a servant of the living and risen Lord Jesus Christ. He has visionand insight and is able to perceive things clearly, and he has the valor to declare what God has to say on these subjects.The prophet is also an insignia that God is alive, that Jesus Christ really cares about the Church and continues to be fretful about the world, even a world which turns its back on the prophet and upon the God who sent the clairvoyant.

Prophets were never indistinct. They had a cutting edge to what they had to proclaim. They were always concise, clear and precise. You can understand exactly what the prophet is proclaiming and saying. This is why it is so heartrending when people silence, ignore, or stone the prophet. They are casting away the key which God wants them to have to unravel certain doors or maybe perhaps lock other doors.

The prophetic word is often the key to some predicament, the key which unlocks some difficulties. If there is ever the requirement for an anointed prophet to appear on the stage to remind people that there is a God, then certainly it is so requisite today. Individuals have walked far away from Almighty God, rejecting His Ways and His Word, and the distinctive ministry of a sincere prophetic man of God. Many are waiting for and looking for such an authoritative and anointed and authentic man like Prophet TB Joshua to speak. The consequences and repercussions throughout the nation would be miraculous as sinful situations and moral messes get suddenly cleansed.



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